Israel Franchise Institute


Welcome to Ifi, the Israel Franchise Institute.

My name is Steven Wolfson and my vision behind setting up the “Israel Franchise Institute” is to share my 20 years of international franchise experience and best practices with the franchise industry, both abroad and specifically in Israel.  There are franchise organizations and there are GREAT franchise organizations. Harmony, mutual respect, teamwork and the sharing of best practices are the pillars on which GREAT international franchise brands succeed. It is my vision and mission to bring these principles to the franchise world in Israel and abroad.

Other services that the Israel Franchise Institute can offer is to assist those entrepreneurs wishing to launch franchise chains in getting started, as well as to assist existing franchisors strengthen their current business models and franchise concepts. We offer franchise courses and in house training customized to your needs, conflict mediation, assistance with franchise agreements and a host of other related services, explained in more detail in the “about’ section.

Furthermore, we invite you to read our guides and articles found on this website and above all, we will be thrilled to hear from you.